Monday, November 29, 2010

Illustration Friday..... "Savour"

Our national drink for sure..The roadside hot steaming cup of "chai" found at every nook and corner. Savour the fresh ginger tea loaded with sugar and served in small glasses. To be slurped noisely in the company of friends,standing by the corner of a crowded market place gossiping loudly about everything under the is an experience to cherish.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Extra Ordinary or Ordinary?

It is strange, sometimes there is a moment so ordinary that it could miss you all together or just linger as suddenly as it manifests.A few mornings ago, out in my garden, the sun seemed deliciously warm and I chanced to look up at the sky. Before me was a simply seamless expanse of deep blue. The green leaves of the champa tree stood out majestically against the deep blue as cotton white clouds floated by in silence.
It was so simple
It was so powerful
It left me breathless.

 Bringing out the form with the help of a strong background is what I find exciting. Here the blank whiteness takes form as I fill my background. Strong browns and soothing hues of green interact to frame the face, which I leave devoid of much feels poetic to me to let a few lines define the obvious.