Sunday, August 14, 2011

Me and Myself

Sitting alone by the sea one day,
I saw a figure not far away.
“Hello”, I said in a friendly tone,
And then I saw it was me, or was it my clone.

To see myself, I was surprised as could be,
I thought she looked younger, this other me.
She dived in the water and swam like a fish,
Oh to swim like that, was always my wish.

Strangely I felt as though I was there,
Deep in the water, swimming without a care.
Her eyes were twinkling; she gave me a smile,
I followed her gaze, but may be the gaze was mine.

We collected shells and pebbles gleaming on the sand,
Her palm was so smooth, or was it my hand.
Then a trick of dusk at the end of the day,
She seemed close as a breath or did she walk away.

I stood quite still, her whispers in my head,
Her voice rang softly or was it something I had said.
There is magic in every moment, in every way,
That’s what she said to me, and I said to myself that day.


  1. Beautiful combination of illustration and poetry. Love the reflective patterns.

  2. Very fluid, you can feel the movement here.