Sunday, April 15, 2012

Illustration Friday....."Puzzled"


I climb the spiral staircase, one step at a time,
I seem to walk in circles, morning, noon and night.

Nothing ever changes, yet nothing is the same,
So subtle are my footsteps, yet I falter again.

Peaceful is the tread, slippery is the edge,
With laughter and joy, or despair sharp as a knife,

Every step leaves me puzzled,
On the spiral staircase of life.


  1. This is really great, I like this metaphor as much as I like the illustration.

  2. Deep and meaningful, I love it.

  3. Very true your words, Sujata
    with a few words you have made a synthesis of what it means to live.
    Congratulations, you're a great poet, and obviously, sensitive artist!!!!!!!!!

  4. I love how the staircase looks like a large leaf. Wonderful!

  5. You captured a whole lot in both the illustration and the poem. Very well done.